The IX International Cultural Forum will be held in St. Petersburg from November 16 to 18, 2023

United Cultures is a forum that assembles representatives of many diverse cultures and nationalities. Amid a new, rapidly changing world, this event is going to become a place to talk over the most pressing social and cultural issues, as well as a platform where new ideas and projects are brought into life.


The SPICF-2023 business programme is comprised of the following thematic units: “Discovering history through culture”, "Artificial Intelligence – A Menace Or A Boon To Culture", "Traditional culture as a basis for developing human civilization and society", "Theatre", "Museums", "Cinema", "Music culture", "Business culture", "Media culture". Within each of these units, discussion activities will be carried out under the leadership of prominent cultural activists and world-class experts.

United Cultures

The participants from over 70 countries, including the members of CIS, SCO, BRICS, will attend the event seeking inspiration for creating innovative projects and transforming our planet through the power of culture and arts.